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    Full service market research project design, analysis, and reporting conducted by a senior level market research consultant and practitioner.

10-Step Survey Execution

Data Based Insights (DBI) is a straight forward market research firm with a 10 step approach to executing client survey projects:

  1. Create a research design to develop solutions and accomplish research objectives.
  2. Define the sample, develop the questions, and test the questionnaire.
  3. Field surveys online, by telephone, by mail, or in combination.
  4. Collect, clean and process the data into a project database in SPSS, Excel, a database manager and other appropriate data analysis packages.
  5. Prepare cross-tabulations and/or conduct multivariate analyses as appropriate.
  6. Analyze the data to accomplish stated research objectives.
  7. Present preliminary findings and dashboards to the client to get preliminary feedback.
  8. Discuss the tone and content for the final report with the client(s) to tailor it to the client’s expectations and to incorporate DBI’s research capabilities based on 30+ years of experience.
  9. Put together the findings in a clearly written report with charts and/or tables for every question.
  10. Present the results in-person or over the Internet to communicate the insights found and present an action plan that accomplishes the research objectives.

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