At DBI some of our best customer satisfaction, performance improvement, and ROI insights were derived from:

  • Quarter-by-quarter or year-over-year performance tracking studies
  • Factor analysis followed by key driver analysis
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty impact on ROI
  • Cause, effect and opportunity analyses between top versus bottom performers
  • Unique selling proposition (USP) and slogan effectiveness analysis
  • Advertising effectiveness tracking
  • Strengths and opportunity analyses
  • Pre/post tests and analyses

DBI works closely with clients to understand their business, marketing and customer development goals.

DBI has broad experience in the following areas:  advertising (concept/copy tests, effectiveness tracking), health care (including patients, nurses, hospitals, physician practices, and health insurance companies), financial services (banks, savings & loans, and credit unions), fragrances and personal care products, and restaurants and commercial food services.

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